A different kind of Smoothie

My hubby and I have been obsessed with this new powder all in one plant based super food meal replacement, so. I thought I'd share this great find with you. This powder is called Kachava Tribal Superfood. It has 70 plant based super foods and nutrients. It isn't chalky, 25g of plant protein/serving, only 7g sugar yet it tastes really good, 17 greens and veggies, probiotics and so much more. You can make shakes, pancakes, or something like this recipe you see below. I like to get inventive with these kind of things. Since my husband and I found this, we have been making this a part of our daily drink. I honestly feel better now and really contribute that to this addition. Try this out! :o) Mango Raspberry Smoothie Bowl Ingredients 2 Scoops Vanilla Ka'Chava 1 Cup frozen raspberries 1 Cup frozen mango Cashew milk Instructions :o) Mix all the ingredients in a blender and enjoy **Top with mango, raspberries and coconut flakes (optional)

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